Asset mapping is a process that provides information about the strengths and resources of an organisation and can help uncover solutions. Once this strengths and resources are inventoried and depicted on a map, you can more easily think about how to build on these assets to address organisation needs and improve operations.



Better equipped to attract investors, position, and plan for the future, from an understanding of the company’s potentials and opportunities.


Identifying and mobilizing organization’s assets will enable them to identify the gaps in the required assets and make the right fund allocation that meets company’s needs.


Provides access to information about the company’s assets, hence an efficient utilization.


Proper budgeting for upgrades and/or replacements of assets. Enables organization prepare effectively for Strategic planning, land-use planning, capital planning etc.


Provides insight on the available assets in an organization, their locations and current status .


  • Our focus on asset mapping is on existing assets belonging to your organisation in all your office locations in Nigeria and Africa. Specifically, we undertake the following:

–An in-depth review of current inventory status on all fixed assets available at the regional and state office level such as:

  • Vehicles
  • Generators
  • Office equipment (desktops, laptops, printers, UPS)
  • Air conditioners
  • Other attractive items considered inventorable by your organisation irrespective of the micro nature of the assets such as calculators, cameras, cell phones, VHF and handheld radios, Thuraya satellite phones, external computer hard drives etc.

–Identify current stock levels for your organisation vehicle and radio communication spare parts if available

–Identify fixed assets which are currently not in use either due to obsolescence, non-functionalities or excessiveness

–Come up with narrative report on the status of fixed assets.

–Provide recommendations for sustaining appropriate asset management. process


  • Asset Identification and Recording
  • Asset Evaluation and Analysis
  • Data procession: (Bar code generation , Status reports and tags printing)
  • Database development
  • Asset Tagging:


In conclusion, Nextzon Business Services is eminently qualified and ready to support your business in undertaking ‘Asset Mapping’ as evidenced by the following characteristics possessed by the team:

–Vast experience in conducting census, mapping, research, data gathering using GPS devices and database designs.

–Extensive experience in management consulting specifically development of road maps, blueprints and strategy cutting across various industries

–Strong presence across the specific areas to be covered by this review on account of access to any required third party resources within and outside the state.

–Extensive understanding of the operating environment in the region on account of having operations in this environment.

–Strong understanding of financial management and administration and the Law that governs the system in both public and private services.

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