At NEXTZON, with a collective mission of building and transforming business enterprises for phenomenal success in the markets they operate, we have a passion for helping small and medium sized businesses plan for and overcome growing pains. We see opportunities and solutions where others see major obstacles. We understand the significance of SMEs to national growth and development and apply our proven management consulting toolkit to support and nurture different stage businesses into institutionalized, structured and established brands.

Our strategic objectives are

  • To create an internationally recognized training and mentoring platform that helps SMEs structure and grow their businesses.
  • To be the thought leader in addressing problems commonly faced by SMEs.
  • To increase the number of SMEs that are attractive for funding and technical assistance provisions.
  • To contribute to shaping policies that foster improved business growth conditions for SMEs in Nigeria.


Our product solutions are targeted at

  • Building the capacity of SMEs
  • Establishing institutionalized and formalized businesses
  • Guaranteeing access to financial and technical support from local and foreign investors
  • Helping SMEs scale their business operations
  • Helping SMEs grow their revenue base
  • Creating e-commerce platforms for trading agricultural, commodity and solid mineral goods
  • Ensuring quality management standards are maintained for ‘Made in Nigeria’ goods for export
  • Improving knowledge sharing and stakeholder engagement in the Agricultural and Solid minerals export industries.


Our specialized products are

  1. SME and Institutionalization Clinic.
  2. SME Clustering Services.
  3. SME Commodity Goods E-Commerce Platform.
  4. The Nextzon Series.
  5. Nextzon SME Rating.
  6. Nextzon Quality Management Solution.

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Nextzon Business Services Limited

We are an emerging market management consulting and enterprise development company, inspired by a collective mission of building and transforming business enterprises for phenomenal success in the market they operate in.

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