Governments and political office holders are always under immense pressure to deliver. Nonetheless, many leaders in Nigeria (and Africa) have not successfully translated their vision into concrete socio-political development breakthroughs. This is largely due to lack of/poor strategic planning and efficient allocation of resources; hence, the monumental failures of several governments and collapse of more than a few institutions.

At Nextzon, we believe that the business of governance has great reward potential (even with lean resources) only when the strategies towards achieving the government/institution’s vision are implemented purposefully. We therefore assist governments and public sector institutions in creating systems of governance that will not only aid the realization of campaign promises but also profit all immensely. We help bring private sector behavior into government especially since governments must now make monies they need to spend.

As information technology now drives all facets of business and administration, we at Nextzon appreciate this trend and are continually developing frameworks for integration of technologies into public sector governance.

  • Conducted strategy and direction setting retreats for some states and local governments in Nigeria.
  • Coordinated the development of long term economic development Master Plan for two states in Nigeria.

Project-managed the implementation of the development blueprint towards the realization of the economic development vision for some state governments in Nigeria.

  • Designed and implemented systems for reengineering the Internal Revenue Service for a couple of states in Nigeria. The systems have aided in doubling their internally generated revenue within two years.
  • Restructured many vital (strategic) state government parastatals for enhanced governance and ease of administration.
  • Nextzon has successfully conducted several levels of recruitment, designed and facilitated the implementation of requisite performance management systems for a number of federal and state government institutions.
  • Designed and facilitated the implementation of winning campaign strategies for some state governments.
  • Conducted asset mapping for some federal and state government parastatals.
  • Developed strategy for reengineering systems and processes of Federal Government parastatals.
  • Nextzon is first in Nigeria (in collaboration with United Nations) to design and implement automation of Land Registry for state governments. We implemented the system for seven state governments.
  • Provided the technology support that assisted Nigerian Insurance Companies migrate to IFRS in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Provided business performance reporting and risk assessment of SMEs towards more efficient funding plan for governments and regulators.
  • Conducted the Economic Summit for a state in the South-South of Nigeria.
  • Developed a three-year business plan for a state-owned mobile communications operator as an attractive and profitable venture in the bid to privatize the company.
  • Provided financial reporting and reconciliations services on the Bond issuance for a state government in the North Central.
  • Implemented an e-State project with the South-South region by creating an IP network that will provide connectivity to the majority of the inhabited areas in the State, providing the communication platform for increased information communication amongst all stakeholders including a platform for more effective administration of government organizations, various government to citizen and government to business services, as well as significantly enhance information and communication access for businesses and individuals.
  • Automated and Redesigned the Land Registry for the Government in the South East; State Ministry of Lands, Survey and Urban Planning and process re-engineering and training of the workforce in order to establish a professionally run and result establishment.
  • Designed and implemented the automation of the Lands Registries for the state Ministry of Lands and Survey in a South Eastern state in Nigeria. This project involved the automation of the deeds registry processes, digitization of the survey plans and records, training of relevant staff of the ministry, optimization of operating processes and recertification of all registered title deeds.
  • Designed and developed an Internet Portal and website for a diversified conglomerate with strategic investments and core interests in the hospitality, agribusiness and energy sectors.
  • Automated and redesigned the record management systems and processes for a government in South East Nigeria, the State Ministry of Lands and process re-engineering and training of the workforce in order to establish a professionally run and result oriented establishment.
  • Lead Advisor & Strategic Architect of the E-Government project in Nigeria promoted under a Public-Private Sector Partnership.
  • Co-Advisor in rendering Financial Advisory/Issuing House services to a South East Government for the issue of N4bn Revenue Bond.
  • Nextzon is committed to assisting our partnering institutions engrave their names in the legacy books for development. We work with our clients in articulating and project-managing the implementation of their socio-economic vision.
  • Facilitating the development of measurable socio-economic goals and strategic plans.
  • Strategic positioning to attract credible investors, investments, and development funds.
  • Restructuring of institutions for better operations.
  • Developing frameworks for efficient allocation of resources.
  • Instituting systems for monitoring and tracking implementation progress and achievements.
  • Enhancing (maximizing) the internally generated revenue and instituting systems to facilitate its continuous growth.
  • Deploying technologies to enhance governance and drive efficiency.
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