The health sector is plagued by a number of issues including very low investment by governments at all levels, dearth of skills worsened by brain drain, and inadequate facilities. With a population in excess of 175m, Nigeria perpetually spends less than the WHO recommended 5% of national budget on the health sector. These factors result in massive outward health tourism by Nigerians to India, USA and EU countries. Recent estimates suggest that as much as $2bn are spent by Nigerians annually on health-related matters.

Diagnostic infrastructure in particular, are in poor state and very inadequate in numbers as a result of which many simple analyses and tests can only be conducted in few locations nationwide and in a country with land mass of over 1million square kilometers. Emergency services are either nonexistent or inaccessible to the average citizen. Doctor to patient ratio for Nigeria is very poor. Health insurance currently covers less than 8m Nigerians or about 8% of the population. A clear need to focus government’s effort towards catalyzing the sector is incumbent. There is also a need to encourage a lot more private sector investments across the value chain of the Health sector. Finally, electronic technology can also play a major role in awakening the health insurance space in the country as well as introducing efficiency via e-health offerings.

  • Corporate Strategy Design & Implementation for a major pharmaceutical company
  • Development and review of corporate strategy for a number of health management organizations in Nigeria.
  • Provided end to end institutionalization service for a fast rising Health Club & Spa in Nigeria.
  • Human Resource and Advisory Support Service for a health Managed Organization.
  • Conducted feasibility report on the state of healthcare project for a state government in the mid-belt region of Nigeria.
  • Concept Paper on the set up of a Hospital Management System Platform for Healthcare Management Systems.
  • Developed a business Plan for an emerging hospital in Nigeria and an expansion business plan for a hospital group.
  • Strategic Direction and recommendations, organizational structure review, payroll administration and financial management services for pharmacy retail chain.
  • Financial Report and performance review for a Specialist Hospital.
  • Set-up and Operationalization of Management Processes in HR & Finance for a Family Clinic.
  • Business Plan for ultra-modern diagnostic Centre for a Medical Facility.
  • Institutionalized Management and Business Process for a Pharmaceutical Stores.
  • Overhauled financial processes and designed frameworks for performance management reporting in addition to outsourced financial management support and technology for a Memorial Medical Centre.
  • Create sustained growth strategies to gain market leadership.For healthcare companies, growth is an imperative not an option. We work with healthcare players to develop and execute growth strategies that will help them achieve full potential. We help our clients identify strategic options that strengthen their foundation, evaluate their options thoroughly, and implement their chosen path.
  • Develop cost-effective and efficient business models.We collaborate with healthcare companies to create lower-cost business models while building new capabilities to meet changing market needs.
  • Design the organization to achieve unprecedented performance.The success of healthcare companies relies on their ability to undertake transformation and make critical decisions. We can help clients anchor transformation to customer and marketplace needs, with the necessary organizational alignment to support them.
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