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The Nigerian economy has been hard hit in recent times due to adverse global events with localized impacts. Of particular importance has been the huge drop in crude oil prices, as a result of the combined effect of increased production levels by shale oil producers and stunted demand globally.

Revenue accruals to the states and local governments has been on a continuous decline as a result and has resulted in an accumulation of liabilities from salaries, pension benefits, project debts and bank loan obligations. Capital expenditure programs have also been left unfunded. With unrelenting expectations from the populace for improved living standards, governments at all levels are thus challenged to develop and implement initiatives to improve their financial earnings and capacity to fund their budgets and programs

Towards this, Nextzon Business Services provides the consulting assistance required in identifying opportunities that will enable government parastatals and private institutions increase their revenue earning potential. We effectively assess the knowledge and effective use of the internal resources with the aim to gain an understanding of the needs of the external community while beaming a searchlight on local and global best practices in IGR generation for public and private educational institutions.

Nextzon has worked with a number of state governments on projects such as the coordination of the think-tank committee on IGR for a state government. Nextzon provides economic advisory to two state governments.

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