The real estate sector is one with a massive pent up demand. Confusion appears to have always dogged the sector as to what role governments should play, especially in the provision of affordable housing for the poor and underprivileged. In the past (during the 1980s) it had tried direct intervention by building estates and commercial properties.  However, there has been little to show for these efforts much of which is due to the unique situation of the country with respect to corruption and the rule of law.

In recent times, the private sector has led the way and has made massive investments into the space by servicing the upper and more profitable segments of the market. The lack of mortgage facilities, paucity of long term funds and other factors play together to make the long quoted figure of 17m housing deficits unlikely to change in the near future. Tackling this housing deficit remains a major challenge for the country. The low level of local content in construction further worsens the situation.

The spate of collapse during and after construction is rampant in the country and there is a dearth of building skills in the industry largely due to lack of a certification process. Local R&D in the sector has also been very low such that many buildings are not fitted to the local weather neither are they energy efficient. Nextzon can bring its experience to bear in assisting government and other industry players articulate viable solutions to some of these problems including the introduction of winning strategies to be adopted by discerning industry players.

  • Operational Model, Process Implementation Exercise & Process Redesign Exercise Process Redesign for one of the fastest growing real estate company in Nigeria.
  • Business Advisory Services- Restructuring and Institutionalisation for a publicly quoted real estate development and marketing company.
  • Provided business development support, institutionalization, organizational restructuring and outsourced services for a leading property management and construction company.
  • Business Optimisation for a real estate investment company.
  • Business development and Fund raising for Hotel business in South-South Nigeria and a Five-year Business Development for a similar hospitality business.
  • Real Estate Sector Analysis for a holding company with diversified interests in hospitality, oil and gas, financial services and the energy sector.
  • Nigeria Real Estate Industry Analysis for a boutique investment bank and a major agency of the Nigerian Government.
  • Fund Raising for real estate development company in the South-East of Nigeria.
  • Development of Concept Paper, Business Plan for Energy City for a State Government in the South-South region of Nigeria.
  • Review and Design of Non-Core Operational and Management Processes/ Framework for a leading property development company.
  • Business Advisory relating to group modelling & organisational restructuring for a construction company.
  • Recruitment Exercise for a publicly quoted property development & investment company.
  • Organisational Structure and end to end Institutionalization support for one of the largest organised estate in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Development of Corporate Governance strategy and code for an agency of a state government entrusted with the execution of the real estate master plan of the state.

Transaction Advisory: Co-Advisor and joint mandate executor to a local

  • Market Studies
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategy Development
  • Business Process Redesign
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