The increasingly competitive business landscape across several industries is making a renewed case for mergers and acquisitions in Nigeria today. While the financial services industry is at the forefront of this wave, activity in other industries is ramping up as a result of the poor state of the economy and declining business performance for many companies.. Read More



Traditional Performance management centred on periodic appraisals against pre-defined job descriptions (JDs) and key performance indices (KPIs). The drawback of that approach is evident in the seasonal spikes in performance in the lead up to the appraisals.

Organizations today now strive to achieve and sustain high performance all-year-round. The realization of this objective lies in their ability to successfully execute on all mandates that derive from their corporate strategy. Driving execution is now a key success lever for organizations. Read More


Nextzon is eminently qualified and ready to support your business in undertaking ‘Asset Mapping’ as evidenced by the following characteristics possessed by the team:

    • Vast experience in conducting census, mapping, research, data gathering using GPS devices and database designs.
    • Extensive experience in management consulting specifically development of road maps, blueprints and strategy cutting across various industries
    • Strong presence across the specific areas to be covered by this review on account of access to any required third party resources within and outside the state.
    • Extensive understanding of the operating environment in the region on account of having operations in this environment.
    • Strong understanding of financial management and administration and the Law that governs the system in both public and private services. Read More



Nextzon has been deeply involved in various Corporate Governance engagements including the very first Corporate Governance Survey of the Nigerian Banking Industry in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Our experienced team will work with you to tailor the engagement to your needs and proffer independent advice to help you focus on areas for improvement and generally elevate the performance of the board.

Our corporate governance services include the following:

    • Evaluation of boards, board committees and directors.
    • Development of Corporate Governance guidelines for companies and regulators.
    • Development and review of Board Charter and Terms of Reference for Board Committees. Read More




With Nextzon’s Corporate Planning and Project Management Retainership service, you get our proven success strategy and business transformation experience to:

  • Build a compelling business case
  • Detail an implementation plan
  • Efficiently and effectively manage the change process
  • Drive rigorous implementation
  • Institutionalize continuous value tracking. Read More



Our Research & Knowledge Management Unit is a strategic unit designed to provide Market Research services and Business Intelligence to our clients as well provide frameworks that support knowledge discovery, business collaboration, access to knowledge and innovation management. Read More  



Nextzon’s e-Business is committed to continuous growth and innovation in the Electronic business sector and we offer the most suitable e-solution for a successful implementation within your organization.

We provide technology platforms that enable Multinational organizations (MNOs0, banking and alternative electronic network service providers extend their product portfolio thereby helping to take your services to the market faster and more cost-effectively. Read More



Nextzon provides the consulting assistance required in identifying opportunities that will enable government parastatals and private institutions increase their revenue earning potential. We effectively assess the knowledge and effective use of the internal resources with the aim to gain an understanding of the needs of the external community while beaming a searchlight on local and global best practices in IGR generation for public and private educational institutions. Read More


PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT PROJECT (Strategy, Performance Management & Project Management)

At Nextzon, we strive to make this happen through the PEP model where we support in the development of strategy, performance and project management. Each stage in this value chain can also be perceived as a stand-alone offering that enhances corporate value from the standpoint of the entity’s immediate requirements. Read More


At Nextzon, we pride ourselves as having one of the quality recruitment services in the Nigerian marketplace with a dedicated team of experienced Recruitment Consultants who have the ability to match high quality, screened candidates to the clients’ needs.  We ensure that a superior level of service is always provided while ensuring that the right person is secured for the role.  With the aid of an extensive database of candidates, Nextzon specializes in finding those skills that are often difficult to source. With a dynamic and flexible business model, clients’ short term and long term needs can be met on time. Read More



At Nextzon, with a collective mission of building and transforming business enterprises for phenomenal success in the markets they operate, we have a passion for helping small and medium sized businesses plan for and overcome growing pains. We see opportunities and solutions where others see major obstacles. We understand the significance of SMEs to national growth and development and apply our proven management consulting toolkit to support and nurture different stage businesses into institutionalized, structured and established brands. Read More


Nextzon Business Services Limited
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