The increasingly competitive business landscape across several industries is making a renewed case for mergers and acquisitions in Nigeria today. While the financial services industry is at the forefront of this wave, activity in other industries is ramping up as a result of the poor state of the economy and declining business performance for many companies.

We work with buyers, sellers, and lenders across the full spectrum activities required to successfully consummate a merger or acquisition. Our transaction advisory offering delivers the highest levels of responsiveness and promotes regular dialogue through every stage of the transaction cycle. In general, this involves listening, understanding the needs of the clients and aligning the scope of our work with the overall transaction objectives.

At Nextzon, we bring our unique perspectives to every transaction and focus on identifying the critical value levers that will create successful outcomes for our clients. Therefore, no two transactions are exactly alike.

  • Provided business case & commercial due diligence services to a leading Nigerian bank in a proposed acquisition of one of the R8 banks
  • Led and coordinated a team of other advisers for a publicly listed insurance company that sought to acquire a large insurance company in Ghana.
  • Provided valuation advisory services to a mid-sized Pension Fund Administrator.
  • Provided transaction advisory and strategy development services to a group that acquired majority holding in a Nigerian regional bank.
  • Set the Strategic Direction for and provided advisory services to one of the top five banks in the consolidation exercise in the Nigerian banking industry: The project entailed advisory services for planned merger/acquisition; Initial Public Offer and cross border business combination.
  • Assisted a couple of publicly quoted Nigerian banks to commence acquisition in the conduct of due diligence towards the acquisition of banks in Kenya, the Republic of Benin and Togo.
  • Facilitated the acquisition and set up of an insurance company for a tier 2 Nigerian bank.
  • Provided Advisory services and strategy development to one of the top five banks in Nigeria in proposed merger/acquisition of a leading investment banking firm in Nigeria.
  • Effected the rebirth of an ICT company, a complete review of the organization and its processes and operational merger between IT companies leading to significant improvement in service quality and profitability.
  • Co-Advisor & joint mandate executor to a consortium of banks, Governments, institutional investors and high net worth individuals in the strategic bid for Bureau of Privatisation of Public Enterprises sale of an insurance company in Nigeria.
  • Transaction Advisory: Co-Advisor and joint mandate executor to a local real estate firm in their bid to acquire Core/Strategic Equity in the properties of an international hotel brand and an estate under the privatisation program of the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Completed acquisition, recapitalization and restructuring of the Insurance company on behalf of the acquirer, one of the largest banks in Nigeria.
  • Advisor & mandate executor in rendering Joint Financial Advisory/Issuing House services on a N1Billion Private offering by a payment platform -uncompleted).
  • Transaction Advisor: To one of the top five banks in Nigeria in a N4 Billion Project Finance transaction with expected gross income of approximately USD100million) – Roles included securitization of sea-going Vessels valued more than $18m and execution of due diligence at International Shipping Registries located at Panama, Belize, and New York.
  • Transaction Advisory: Co-Advisor for acquisition of the properties of a real estate subsidiary of a multinational and Raising of N1.42bn through Syndicated Note Issuance for this acquisition for a local bank and an association in the energy sector.
  • Business Case Development: Our involvement will usually commence with articulating a credible business case for the transaction, drawing from our understanding of the future direction of the industry and the current competitive dynamics affecting industry players. With this, we are able to help clients define their strategic intent in relation to prospective mergers & acquisitions and also provide a roadmap for navigating this notoriously challenging growth path.
  • Due diligence advisory: We also assist clients evaluate the strategic and operational health of target companies they are looking to merge with or acquire. Our rigor and objectivity during this stage of the process will provide clients with all the information required to make informed decisions on transaction pricing and structure. It is undoubtedly one of the most important steps a company can take towards ensuring there is a clear alignment between the transaction intent and the realities of the target company.
  • Post-Merger Integration & Project Management: Once the financial aspect of a merger or acquisition is concluded, we can also work with clients to rollout project management structures to drive operational integration and start the process of unlocking short and long term merger/acquisition synergies.
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