It is said that knowledge is power. Leading economies over centuries recognize this fact and invest strategically in ensuring citizens and residents are adequately trained in life and other relevant skills and competencies. For decades now, the world has been in the information and knowledge age. And this has significantly influenced the models for delivering education both in the public and private sectors with access to internet and other modern technologies.

At Nextzon, we have carefully focused our offerings on strategy development for higher institutions, education ministries, old students’ associations and other agencies desirous of driving improvement in the education sector. We also have offerings in the use of modern technology to improve education delivery and economies of scale in Nigeria and beyond. We have fund raising services, enumeration services, viability services, education and allied portals etc.

  • We conducted a comprehensive audit for a federal government university to ascertain its carrying capacity and recommended a capacity building plan.
  • We acted as a financial adviser and debenture manager to a prominent private educational institution in Lagos.
  • We have conducted a strategy and direction setting exercise for the nation’s leading old students’ association with members spanning the country.
  • We assisted one of the northern universities in Nigeria in developing a blueprint for the growth and upgrade of the school.
  • Developed a five-year business plan for an integrated diagnostics and wellness centre owned by one of the oldest tertiary institutions in the country.
  • Provided consultancy services on the Experts in Residence program. Honored as one of the preferred consultants for usability and practicability of advice or support given to Enterprise Development Services for a prominent business school in Nigeria.
  • Structured, managed and won a bid as a School Management Organization (SMO) to manage a fifty unity schools in Nigeria under the Federal government PPP Initiative.
  • Developed a strategic business plan and roadmap for setting up and operating an inclusive educational centre for both normal and physically challenged children in Lagos.
  • Advisor & mandate executor in rendering Financial Advisory/Issuing House services to a religious academy for a N250,000,000 Redeemable, Secured, Floating Rate Debenture Issue.
  • Strategy development including introduction of new business and delivery models.
  • Development of blueprint for use of technology in the education sector.
  • Strategy development for Old Students Associations.
Nextzon Business Services Limited

We are an emerging market management consulting and enterprise development company, inspired by a collective mission of building and transforming business enterprises for phenomenal success in the market they operate in.

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