A well-developed transport and logistics sector is vital to a nation’s competitiveness as it can be a major contributor to the GDP of a country. It is a key to stimulating trade, helping business efficiency and supporting economic growth. With the advances made in information technology (especially internet-aligned technologies) which have spurred globalization and e-commerce, the demand for major reforms in the transport and logistics sector has increased tremendously over the years thus presenting a unique opportunity for players in the industry and investors to take advantage of.

At Nextzon, we recognize that the industry is facing tremendous transformation such as changing customer expectation and a growing list of disruptive business models. In line with this, we develop strategies aimed at helping businesses meet the diverse needs of customers and transform these models to a competitive advantage. We also help businesses design models to make their operational processes more efficient and effective to enable them realize their full revenue potential. Finally, we assist set up start-ups with new business models as may be required by emerging entrepreneurs and established entities with interest to enter this rapidly transforming sector.

  • Our firm was instrumental in developing the master plan for transport and logistics in two states in Nigeria.
  • Restructured a State Government’s sponsored transport company in Nigeria to position it for efficiency revenue increase.
  • Developed a business plan and financial viability analysis for a haulage and fleet management venture, conducted a feasibility study on ferry transportation in Lagos for a start-up and actively supported a Petroleum and Haulage company in the development of a transformation/growth strategy and design of organizational structures and systems.
  • Facilitated the set-up of a mega distribution network in the drug and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Facilitated the set-up of industrial hubs, free trade zones and dry ports in some states in Nigeria.
  • Strategy and project management consultants to a new airline in Nigeria promising a new business model.
  • Developed a strategic business plan as a roadmap document for setting up and operating a world class water transportation (ferry operations) in partnership with the state government in the South West region of Nigeria.
  • Conducted and documented an in-depth feasibility study for a potential Ferry business in Lagos State.
  • Designed and implemented a Vehicle Identification System, a central repository for vehicle data that can be utilized for monitoring and planning and ultimately improve the safety of all citizens for an agency of the government in Nigeria.
  • Overhauled and redesigned operations within a courier services operator. In addition, implemented end to end restructuring services for the company.
  • Business Growth Strategy: We design transport & logistics master plans for businesses and Governments to provide a sustainable framework for growth and development.
  • Marketing & Pricing Strategy: With our experiences in identifying and developing profitable routes, efficient ticketing and payment systems amongst others, we can structure your operations to be more profitable and customer friendly
  • Performance Improvement: Nextzon leverages technology to reengineer your processes including warehousing, distribution networks and supply chain flow for optimal performance.
  • Incubation and launch of start-ups: Nextzon built a presence in the business incubation space assisted by a world bank grant. Nextzon is now actively positioning to support entrepreneurs and businesses desirous of entering the industry with new business models especially with a fintech orientation. We develop business plans capturing the entrepreneur’s or parent company’s new business model and working with them to modify same if required. Equally, we assist them to attract funding, qualified personnel and basically operate effectively during their early days or years. We provide institutional structure from day one to enable the start-up have a fair chance of success.
Nextzon Business Services Limited

We are an emerging market management consulting and enterprise development company, inspired by a collective mission of building and transforming business enterprises for phenomenal success in the market they operate in.

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