Traditional Performance management centred on periodic appraisals against pre-defined job descriptions (JDs) and key performance indices (KPIs). The drawback of that approach is evident in the seasonal spikes in performance in the lead up to the appraisals.

Organizations today now strive to achieve and sustain high performance all-year-round. The realization of this objective lies in their ability to successfully execute on all mandates that derive from their corporate strategy. Driving execution is now a key success lever for organizations.

Today, Performance Management is undergoing significant transformation with the advancements in technology and analytics.

What gets measured gets done!

To achieve sustained high performance, organizations must track and measure execution and performance across various metrics and key growth drivers. This involves effectively collating, managing and transforming data into actionable insights essential for creating sound strategies and plans that point the organization in the wining direction.

  • Re-engineered the legacy performance management framework of a leading Nigerian bank with global footprint and implemented a new enterprise system that leverages technology and analytics to drive results in line with the corporate strategy.
  • Conducted a performance audit and developed a new technology-driven performance management system for a leading private real estate development company in Nigeria.
  • Set up and provided initial management for a new support services company involving recruitment, web design, strategy formulation, business re-modelling and transition planning.
  • Development of a corporate transformation strategy for a cables company.
  • Carried out a market study for Children Entertainment centre, a major Children Leisure Centers in Lagos.
  • Strategic planning session/retreats and documentation for transforming the retail-banking group of one of the top five banks in Nigeria.
  • Facilitated board/management retreats and articulated growth and internationalization strategies for Nigeria’s leading computer company.
  • Overhauled financial processes and designed frameworks for performance management reporting in addition to outsourced financial management support and technology for Memorial medical centre.
  • Provided management and support services for the implementation and launch of a simulated based employment testing platform.
  • Designed and implemented organizational structure, instituted framework for performance management, finance and HR operations for a Petroleum Solutions company.
  • Designed and implemented full restructuring of a leading indigenous literary publisher. In addition, provided continuous financial and operational management services to the business.
  • Provided institutionalization and redesign of HR process for a leading indigenous skin and beauty manufacturer and retailer.
  • Provided business development support, institutionalization, organizational restructuring and outsourced services for a leading property management and construction company.
  • Provided process clarity for financial management and set-up of appropriate structures for robust financial management, reporting and technology use for dry-cleaning services.
  • Designed and developed HR and finance framework, outsourced financial management reporting as well as provision of online real time technology tool.
  • Developed an organizational model, designed structures for back office operations and outsourced HR and financial management oversight for an Events Management business.
  • Designed full organizational and control structures for a logistics and haulage Service Company. In addition, provided continuous outsourced back office operations in the areas of Finance and HR.
  • Provided business development support, institutionalization, organizational restructuring and outsourced services for a leading high net worth fashion designer and manufacturer.
  • Provided business development support, institutionalization, organizational restructuring and outsourced services for a fashion designer.
  • Designed proper institutionalization processes and provided financial management services for meat processing and distribution company.
  • Incubation and management oversight of a sport, talent and entertainment management company in Lagos.
  • Conceived a venture that involves building a world-class industrial park for the leather and garment clusters in Aba as well as fund raising.
  • Product and business development, fund raising, incubation and management oversight to an asset tracking and security company.
  • Incubation and management oversight of a customer service solutions provider in Lagos.
  • Designed organizational structure and providing continuous Human resources administration services for one of the first Indigenous software testing organizations a leading information technology services company.
  • Designed and implemented a full, end to end restructuring services including financial management oversight, redesign of organizational structure and operational management for a leading ICT products distribution company.
  • Assisted a couple of states in the country in redesigning their internal revenue generation strategies leveraging information and communication technology in the identification, mobilization, collection and administration of internally generated revenue in these states.
  • Provided business support and financial management services (accounting support and technology) for one of the biggest mobile accessories trading company in Nigeria
  • Provided back-office support outsourced financial management, operations management and HR services for a leading leather manufacturer in Nigeria.
  • Provided outsourced financial management services (oversight and technology) for leading children’s clothier in Lagos Nigeria.
  • Provided back-office support outsourced financial management, operation management and HR services for a Communications company.
  • Provided outsourced financial management services (accounting support and technology) for an automobile company.
  • Provided financial and operational services to enhance stock enumeration terms, re-configuration of audit and account department and recruitment services for clothing line.
  • Provided Institutionalization services in the area of Human Resource framework design and Talent placement for a notable property management and development Company.

Nextzon is committed to helping organizations transform for phenomenal success.

We have built on our core competencies in strategy development, implementation and technology to develop an Enterprise Performance Management System that will enable your organization gain extensive insights from data captured in the course of business.

Our Enterprise Performance Management System ensures:

  • Job Descriptions (JDs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have direct links to your organization’s strategy and objectives.
  • The right processes are in place to extract and transform data into meaningful and actionable insights, without human intervention – workforce analytics, customer feedback.
  • Easy access to these business insights by its consumers as at when due or on demand via Executive and Management dashboards.
  • Early warning safeguards to prevent relapse or failures.
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