One of the most critical factors for the development of any economy is the availability of power. Nigeria’s reliance on Oil & Gas to realize her uninterruptible power supply dream is fast becoming unrealistic as the energy landscape becomes more diversified and new options begin to mature.

The significant shift of the power industry towards renewable energy sources has dominated global discourse in the past decade as several industrial giants of the world resolve to cut their carbon footprint for the sake of humanity. This trend not only calls for new strategic thinking by the government and the energy companies, but massively opens up the sector to disruption by new players. The case of Tesla in the auto industry is an example and more will come.

The winning trick lies in the ability to accurately forecast the direction that the industry is headed, invest in the winning technology and carefully avoid unproven technologies. This trick should also factor in timing and speed of change. The sheer quantum of new investments that have to be made in aligning with the directional change in this industry also constitute a challenge that requires strategic support. The sector will benefit from this kind of critical analysis as we begin to grapple with our incredible energy deficits in Nigeria.

Nextzon would continue to concentrate efforts on adding value to the traditional Oil & Gas offerings while helping energy companies develop new initiatives in the emerging frontiers of renewable energy. For strategic reasons, we believe the development of both energy sources (biofuel and renewable) should be pursued, given the proprietary of existing natural resources to the Nigerian landscape.

  • Conducted a nationwide research/survey into power requirement of major customers for a multinational energy company.
  • Corporate Restructuring, Design & Implementation for a major Oil & Gas company.
  • Organizational Restructure and redesign of the management and governance processes for an energy servicing firm.
  • Business Strategy, set up and provision of end to end institutionalization support services for an oil and gas servicing company.
  • Development of Business Strategy, Models, Plans and Back Office Operations for an Oil & Gas business.
  • Business Advisory Services relating to restructuring of a dredging company.
  • Review and Articulation of Business Plan and Financial projection for a pipelines servicing firm.
  • Recruitment Exercise for an energy company.
  • Design of a strategic communication plan for one of the regulatory agencies in the industries
  • Development of a human resource performance management system for an oil and gas firm in the country.
  • Business Plan development and Recruitment services for an indigenous oil company with coverage spanning Petroleum Products Importation, Marketing and distribution, Supply chain Infrastructure, Marine logistics, Haulage operations and Storage Facilities.
  • Conducted feasibility study on a property development projects and the design and implementation of organization structures and systems for the above company.
  • Transaction Advisory: Co-Advisor & joint mandate executor in the Acquisition of Core/Strategic Equity in a hotel owned by a Three-star hotel under the BPE privatization program.
  • Transaction Advisor: To one of the top five banks in Nigeria in a N4 Billion Project Finance transaction with expected gross income of approximately USD100million) – Roles included securitization of sea-going Vessels valued more than $18m and execution of due diligence at International Shipping Registries located at Panama, Belize, and New York.
  • Designed and implemented organizational structure, instituted framework for performance management, finance and HR operations for petroleum firm.
  • Conducted Nationwide survey/ research in to power requirement of major customers for a major multinational firm.
  • Strategy Development & Review
  • Develop corporate investment strategy
  • Evaluate macroeconomic and industry trends and their impact on utilities
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